The symposium presents a wide range of professional activities as currently pursued by former students and associates of RL. One major theme are the hidden dimensions of self-organization as found in nanostructured soft matter and multiscale bio-systems. The latter systems are built up from a variety of modules that act cooperatively and provide many challenges for statistical mechanics and stochastic modelling.

Invited speakers
Ilka Bischofs-Pfeiffer, Univ. Heidelberg (Germany)
Ralf Bundschuh, The Ohio State University (USA)
Hans-Günther Döbereiner, Univ. Bremen (Germany)
Gerhard Gompper, Forschungszentrum Jülich (Germany)
Stefan Grotehans, Brainloop AG, Munich (Germany)
Christin Hiergeist, Capgemini, Offenbach (Germany)
Alberto Imparato, Univ. Aarhus (Denmark)
Frank Jülicher, MPI for the Physics of Complex Systems (Germany)
Jan Kierfeld, Technical Univ. Dortmund (Germany)
Joachim Krug, Univ. Cologne (Germany)
Michael Lässig, Univ. Cologne (Germany)
Peter Lenz, Univ. Marburg (Germany)
Jörg Menche, Northeastern Univ. (USA)
Roland Netz, Free Univ. Berlin (Germany)
Ulrich Schwarz, Univ. Heidelberg (Germany)
Udo Seifert, Univ. Stuttgart (Germany)
Julian Shillcock, École Polyechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)
Peter Swain, Univ. Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
Haijun Zhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing (P. R. China)
Application deadline: November 1, 2013
Conference fee: 100 €. The conference fee includes lunch and the celebration dinner on Friday, November 22.
Conference poster: From Soft Matter to Bio-Systems
Organizers: Rumiana Dimova, Susann Weber and Thomas Weikl, MPI of Colloids and Interfaces